Concrete Sealing

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Concrete Sealing can provide your pavers , stencil paving and plain concrete with the protection it needs to enhance the appearance and extend the  life of the material.

Leaving your brick pavers, stencil or plain concrete unsealed opens them to the elements.  This material can be porous and as such, will absorb anything that comes in contact. Sealing  protects the surface by repelling and eliminating the absorption of water, stains, mold and mildew spores.  Sealing also acts as a sunscreen to protect and preserve.

Highlander Power Wash will pressure clean, acid etch, or do what is essential to remove dirt, grime, algae, grease, oil and old sealants. Using  the highest quality of sealers specifically suited to  the designated job, our process will rejuvenate an old driveway, walkway or pool area and give them a “like new” appearance.  You can choose a clear sealer to enhance true colours or select a colour of your choice from many available.

Our expertise in Concrete Sealing can help identify the sealer that is right for you. If you've previously used incorrect sealers, Highlander Power Wash can help strip back and repair.

At your request we can also provide Anti-Slip Additive in the final coat to increase pedestrian and vehicle safety.

Begining Aggregate Sealing

Aggregate Sealing complete

Pathway being sealed

Coloured Concrete Sealing

Pathway Sealed

Concrete Sealing

Coloured Concrete Sealing.

Concrete Sealing

Refresh your Concrete Driveway

Concrete Sealing

Garage Floor Before

Sealing Concrete

Garage Floor After

Concrete Coloured Sealing

Rowville Porch Before

Concrete coloured Sealing

Porch after

Concrete Sealing

Rowville Driveway 1st Coat

Concrete Coloured Sealing

Rowville Driveway 2 Coats

Aggregate Sealing

Aggregate sealing

AAggregate Sealing Meets Epoxy Sealing

Acrylic Sealing Meets Epoxy Sealing


Staircase Finished

Stencil Cleaning

Stencil Sealing

Underground Carpark

Underground Carpark

Concrete and Stencil Sealing

Stencil and Concrete Sealing

Concrete Stencil Sealed and Completed

Concrete Cleaning

Concrete Cleaning

Concrete Sealing

Concrete Sealing

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